Fire Chief Bryan Smith

Chief Smith has been with the WVBFD for four years. Chief Smith comes to us from the Buckeye Valley Fire District where he was the Battalion Chief for Training and Emergency Medical Services. A native of Southern California, Chief Smith began his career over 20 years ago as a firefighter/paramedic in the Los Angeles area before relocating to Arizona. He holds a B.S. in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University.

Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Tunis

Anthony is an experienced paramedic and technical rescue technician who has worked in rural settings as well as busy urban areas. Anthony has been affiliated with the WVBFD for over six years. He currently oversees the Bagdad area of operations.

Station 91

Williamson Valley (Serving the communities of Crossroads Ranch, Las Vegas Ranch Estates, Long Meadow Ranch, and Hootenanny Holler)

Philip Sanzari – Firefighter/EMT
Shawn Smith – Engineer/Paramedic
George Moyers - Engineer/EMT

Station 95

Bagdad (Serving the communities of Bagdad, Hillside, Yava, and Solar Acres)

Brandon Rollins – Captain/EMT
Bradley Autrey – Engineer/Paramedic
Jared Fiori – Firefighter/Paramedic
Zach Salazar – Firefighter/Paramedic
Open – Firefighter
Mike Love – Captain/EMT
Adam Gallego – Engineer/Paramedic
Mike Flores – Firefighter/Paramedic
Mike Koepke – Firefighter/Paramedic
Jake Thompson – Firefighter/Paramedic
Brett Smith – Captain/Paramedic
Nick Strupp – Engineer/Paramedic
Mike Samudio – Firefighter/EMT
John Sullivan – Firefighter/Paramedic
Sean Kauffman – Firefighter/EMT

Administrative Staff

Karen Cannizzaro, Administrative Assistant

Christine Varela, Administrative Assistant