CodeRED Emergency Notification System (ENS)

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office uses the CodeRED® Emergency Notification System. With this service, the department can send messages containing specific information to residents and businesses if/when an emergency or time-sensitive issue arises.

All Yavapai County residential and business landline phone numbers, published in the White or Yellow pages, are already in the system. By signing up or opting-in, you may enter alternate phone numbers and/or modes of contact. You may also specify your primary contact mode. The opt-in process will require that you have a valid email address. A confirmation email and/or text message will be sent upon completion of registration. This message will be sent from and may take up to 5 minutes. Once registered, you may opt-out at anytime.

When delivery of the alert to your primary contact mode fails, the system will automatically fall back to other methods. With respect to phone notifications, if the system detects an answering machine, it will deliver the message to voicemail. If the phone is not answered and no answering machine is detected, the system will redial the number at a later time or, if specified, fall back to another contact mode. When the call appears on your caller-id, it will display the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office business number: (928) 771-3260.

To sign up and receive alerts in the event of an emergency, please visit